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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

A Government Is Seizing Control Of Our Election Process (And It's Not The Russians)

There is an attempt underway for a government to take control of our election process and throw the election to Hillary Clinton. It is not the Russian government. Mark this day - it is when we came to understand that the American government decided to elect a president.

(Note: I understand in the minds of the mass media the most important issue in America today is Trump’s crude remarks, but there are indeed real things to be concerned about otherwise.)

Here’s how:

— Two days before the second presidential debate, the government of the United States officially accused Russia of a hacking campaign aimed at interfering in the U.S. election. In a joint statement, absent any specifics or technical details, the Department of Homeland Security and the Director of National Intelligence stated “the recent [hacked email] disclosures… are consistent with the methods and motivations of Russian-directed efforts… based on the scope and sensitivity of these efforts, only Russia’s senior-most officials could have authorized these activities.”

— The statement goes on to detail how only Democratic servers were attacked, meaning the American government is claiming that Russia is trying to throw the election to Donald Trump, plain and simple. It is left unsaid why the Russians would risk cyberwar with the United States to do this, as many have suggested Trump is a neocon in spirit whose loose finger will be on the nuclear button from day one. Clinton is much more of a political realist, comfortable with the business-as-usual of the past eight years that has gone in Russia’s favor in the Ukraine and Syria. She in fact seems like the stable known known, always a preference.

— Though the first “Russian” hacks were reported in July, it is only 48 hours before the second presidential debate that the statement was released. It could easily have been held until Monday, there is no national security urgency for this to come out Friday. However, with the timing, Trump, essentially tied with Clinton in the polls, will now spend much of the debate defending himself. Since the statement includes no details, only accusations, it is hard to see how anyone could defend themselves. It would be near-impossible for Trump to come out ahead Sunday night; this is a near-coup.



Anonymous said...

Here is something none of them Hillary's mob hasn't thought about:GOD DOESN'T SUFFER FOULS AND HE DOESN'T LIKE UGLY!

Anonymous said...

God, in fact, says "Vengeance is mine."

Anonymous said...

It's a ruse perpetrated by the Democrats, or should I say, the Russocrats. Listen to nothing they say.

Anonymous said...

The WH will do whatever it takes for Hillary to win so they can continue covering up their criminal actions. A Hillary win gives them more time to destroy evidence during her reign so there are not any records for others to see in the future. They will also take over the Internet and block news reports that expose anything negative about them. Blogs such as this will be eliminated entirely. They're saying what they're proposing in these WikiLeaks e-mails. Take time to read them.

lmclain said...

Our "leaders" are setting us up for Homeland Security to take control of the election votes tally.
We have a big bad boogie man to be afraid of now.
The democrats get caught on tape saying that they have busloads of voters that are driven from polling place to polling place (voting two, three, five times), but THAT gets no play on CBS.
Some unproven stories about the nefarious Russians trying to throw the election, however, is what they need to get their hands on the inner workings of the election.
I told you before.....the fix is in.
A snowstorm could blanket New York with 5 feet of snow on election day and I have a feeling that 2 million democrats would some how get to the polls, while 3 republicans had their votes counted.
Keep cheering.