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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Frank Luntz: Pundits clueless on Donald Trump's 'special prosecutor' line; voters loved it

Pollster Frank Luntz took to Twitter after Sunday’s second U.S. presidential debate to discuss a disconnect between voters and pundits on Donald Trump’s “special prosecutor” line.

Mr. Trump and Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton sparred over numerous issues in St. Louis over the weekend, but one issue in particular resonated with Mr. Luntz’s famous focus group — the former secretary of state’s private server scandal. 

Donald Trump’s highest moment when he held Hillary liable for her emails and called for a special prosecutor,” Mr. Luntztweeted. “The pundits are saying Trump’s ‘special prosecutor’ line was the worst part of the #debate. But the people are saying it was the best. […] Most Americans (56%) think Hillary should’ve been indicted.”

Mr. Luntz then shared the real-time results of his focus group reacting to the billionaire’s vow. By using dials to show their approval or disapproval as the candidate spoke, voters overwhelmingly enjoyed hearing Mrs. Clinton taken to task for deleting 33,000 emails.


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