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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sheila’s back, but can she win?

Former Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon announced she will try to get her job back as a write in candidate for the general election.

Dixon filed the paperwork Tuesday before a news conference. She acknowledged her newly revived campaign is going to be challenging.

“I know this is a uphill battle. But I know that in the next four weeks, were gonna educate people in the ‘ABC’s’ of what it means to write-in a candidate,” she said.

She also added that her campaign is going to be “organic” and “grassroots.”

Dixon, in her announcement Monday, pointed to the District of Columbia, where then Mayor Tony Williams had to launch a write-in campaign for re-election.



Anonymous said...

Steals gift cards for the poor ,hey then again they re voted in a crackhead x mayor,

Vote trump.

Anonymous said...

Omalley could help her.He needs the money.

Anonymous said...

Criminals in office - the dumbocrat way!

Anonymous said...

Baltimore cannot be helped by another Democrat in the mayor's office. Enough is enough.
Frankly, we all know where the problems lie, but there's no way to fix them. You could give $1,000,000 to every living soul in that city and almost nothing would change, except the murder and death by overdose numbers, which would increase.

Anonymous said...

I guess minorities never learn in Baltimore or anywhere else don't they know the definition of insanity.