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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Trump DARES the Clintons and the press to unveil more explicit audio from his past as he warns he'll double down on Bill and Hillary's 'vicious' real-life treatment of women

Donald Trump dared the Hillary Clinton campaign and the national media on Monday to unveil more and more tapes showing him saying 'inappropriate' things, saying he will continue to turn the attacks on their heads.

Facing Friday's revelation of a 2005 recording in which he denigrated women, 'I said to myself, wait a minute!' he said in a Pennsylvania high school gymnasium.

'Bill Clinton sexually assaulted innocent women, and Hillary Clinton attacked those women viciously.

'If they want to release more tapes with inappropriate things, we'll continue talking about Bill and Hillary Clinton doing inappropriate things.'



Anonymous said...

and all the murders they are connected to

Anonymous said...

There's no contest here. The Clintons need three dozen porters each to carry their foul baggage.

Anonymous said...

Talk about all there crap anyway! Let the milinials know what a raging bi@ch she is , and what kind of low life husband will be roaming the halls of the white house again if she is elected!

Anonymous said...

Go, Mr. Trump! They started it with NOT sticking to issues. Nail 'em!

Anonymous said...

Nothing that Trump has said or done can be bad enough to make me vote for HRC.

Anonymous said...

He didn't need to dare them. They are going to do it anyway, threats or no threats. Hillary's campaign, like her, is the dirtiest of the dirty campaigns.