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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Did Wikileaks Just End Hillary Clinton's Campaign?

Wikileaks has uncovered an extensive amount of Hillary Clinton’s emailspertaining to her communications with John Podesta, the Clinton campaign chairman, concerning “nuclear energy, and media handling over donations to the Clinton Foundation from mining and nuclear interests.”

The Friday release contains 2,060 emails. They plan on releasing more emails from the Clinton campaign in increments and claim to have over 50,000 emails that are scheduled for future leaks.

The emails that have been released were retrieved from hackers who accessed Podesta’s email account.

In one quote from the leak, an apparent transcript of Clinton’s paid speech at a Goldman Sachs event shows Clinton referring to the left as a “bucket of losers”:

What we see on the left is in its way more disconcerting… This coalition, a collection of generally under-represented, low social capital individuals has become increasingly networked and increasingly motivated. This group that our analysts are calling the ((Makes air quotes)) bucket of losers could not only be a significant force in the next election but (.) could, on an outside percentile, even win.



Anonymous said...

The problem is that this stuff just won't stick. No matter how clearly she is shown to be corrupt to the core, her minions just march on.
It is said that liberalism/progressivism is a mental disorder. I don't know how you could demonstrate that more clearly than what we see here.

Anonymous said...

Well said 9:12!!

Anonymous said...

Did Wikileaks Just End Hillary Clinton's Campaign?

We should be so lucky!

Anonymous said...

We need a wiki video of someone on her campaine.

Anonymous said...

no. the news networks won't cover it

lmclain said...

She denigrates EVERYONE except her rich donors.

9:12 has it right. NOTHING she can be caught saying or doing will affect her because the media is in her pocket so deep. Her misdeeds never get any all "Oh NO!!! Trump said the word p***y....oh no!!!.
And millions are stupid enough too fall for that narrative.
No outrage over destroying evidence after being served a subpoena. No outrage after being caught in lie after lie after lie. No outrage that she said 'I have two positions--- one for serfs and one for you wealthy donors....a PUBLIC opinion and a PRIVATE opinion.' No outrage after labeling Catholics as a group of worshippers of a bastardized religion. No outrage after being exposed as a manipulator and a fake on the Steve Harvey show. No outrage after labeling Bernie supporters as just poor and not worthy of her attention. Just don't let Trump say anything mean or nasty!!
Keep cheering.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

1:28 well said. Those Crooked Progressive Democ-rats already made their choice long time ago to "amount Hillary" as their DEM Party candidate. Look what they did to Bernie Sanders, one of their own, and how they been manipulating everything in Clinton's favor. Wall Street, MSM Pupetteers, Union Bosses, Corrupted Politicians, including Bushes, they all know Clintons will keep them in power and make more dirty money on backs of taxpayers. The idea of Trump being elected scares the hell out them.
Just Say, We, the People had Enough, TRUMP TRAIN 2016!