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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Exclusive -- Excerpt from Ed Klein's 'Guilty as Sin' on Hillary Clinton's 'Fatal Flaw'

The following excerpt from bestselling author Edward Klein’s new book, Guilty as Sin: Uncovering New Evidence of Corruption and How Hillary Clinton and the Democrats Derailed the FBI Investigation, is from a Chapter titled “Her Fatal Flaw.”

Some literary minded observers compare Hillary to Lady Macbeth, whose vaulting ambition led to her downfall.

In Hillary’s case, her fatal flaw is dishonesty. She lies even when she doesn’t have to.

For instance, while campaigning in Iowa, she told a group of supporters that her grandparents were immigrants to the United States.

“All of my grandparents, you know, came over here,” she said. “So I sit here and I think, well you’re talking about the second, third generation. That’s me, that’s you.”

The story was untrue. One of her grandparents was an immigrant; three were not.

Another time Hillary said, “I actually started criticizing the war in Iraq before [Obama] did”—a statement that earned her a Pinocchio for lying from “The Fact Checker” in theWashington Post.



Anonymous said...

"Out, damned spot! Out, I say!"

Anonymous said...

The fact is Hillary wouldn't know the truth if it bit her on the hand. Her reality is nothing but lies and it is a common practice for her. Perhaps, she is suffering from a brain tumor which is causing her so many problems with the truth and the ability to tell the difference between a lie and a truth.

She is totally unfit to be president a presents a clear and present danger to every living person on this planet.