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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Worcester Backs Hogan’s Planned Septic Changes

SNOW HILL – County officials called Gov. Larry Hogan’s plans to remove septic pretreatment requirements for systems throughout most of the state a victory.

During the Maryland Association of Counties conference, Hogan announced his plans to remove the septic pretreatment requirements for systems not in the state’s critical areas. At this week’s meeting of the Worcester County Commissioners, county staff praised the change as it will reduce most new home costs substantially.

“This is a good thing moving forward,” said Bob Mitchell, the county’s director of environmental programs. “It’s a victory.”

Mitchell said the change was part of the Hogan administration’s commitment to reviewing existing regulations that were creating difficulties.

Essentially the change will mean that BAT (Best Available Technology) septic systems are only required for new construction in the Chesapeake and Coastal Bays critical areas. Since 2012, the BAT systems had been required statewide for any new home. Now, they’ll only be required in the environmentally sensitive critical areas.


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