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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sad, isn't it?

Someone please 
tell me what the HELL's wrong with
all the people 
that run this country!!!!!!

Both Democrats and 
Say, "We're broke
And can't help our own
Seniors, Veterans, Orphans, 
Homeless, Etc.,?????

over the last 
several years THEY have provided direct cash aid 

Hamas - $351 M,

Libya- $1.45 B,

Egypt- $397 M,

Mexico- $622 M,

Russia- $380 M,

Haiti- $1.4 B,

Jordan- $463 M,

Kenya- $816 M,

Sudan- $870 M,

Nigeria- $456 M,

Uganda- $451 M,

Congo- $359 M,

Ethiopia- $981 M,

Pakistan- $2 B,

South Africa- $566 M,

Senegal- $698 M,

Mozambique- $404 M,

Zambia- $331 M,

Kazakhstan- $304 M,

Iraq- $1.08B,

Tanzania- $554 M,

literally Billions of Dollars and those
assholes still hate 

But on the other hand, Our retired
seniors, Living on a 'fixed income,'
Receive NO aid!

Nor do they get
any breaks, while our government and 
religious organizations will 
Hundreds of
Billions Of
$$$$$$'s and Tons 
of Food to Foreign 

Someone needs to 
explain to them that
Charity begins AT HOME!!!

And another atrocity....

We have Hundreds 
of adoptable American Children who are shoved aside 
to make room for 
the adoption of Foreign Orphans.

AMERICA: A country
where we have
Countless Homeless 
without shelter,
Children going to bed hungry,
Elderly going 
without needed medication
and the Mentally ill without 
treatment -- etc.


They will have a
'Benefit' Show
For the people of Haiti,on 12 TV Stations;
Ships and planes lining up with food, water, tents
cloth es, bedding, doctors and medical supplies.

Now Just Imagine 
if Our own 
Gave 'US'the same 
support they give to 
foreign countries.

One of the things at the top of Trump's list.

They're scared silly of him and worried their gravy train
will be gone if they allow him to be elected!

I'm not a fan of his mouth, but his opponent is already part
of the problem and hasn't done anything about it, and Won't.

Sad, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

It's not's disgusting, infuriating, and morally reprehensible. Our once great nation in sliding into the abyss.

Anonymous said...

It's all because if they were to give it back to the people they stole it from {tax payers} they wouldnt be able to skim from it like they do when they give it to corrupt foreign leaders. Sometimes they even loose track of where it all went{thats when they've taken the whole pot} Sometimes they get big, oil rights, stocks... But most times they just skim a few million off the top and put it in their off-shore accounts. It's long past over due to punish these thieves.

Anonymous said...

Even church's are not much different. They have mission trips to poor countries and raise thousands of dollars to go, but they can't use that money to help people here locally or in this country!!!
We are poorer than ever before, and yet we still waste money on projects and countries that don't even like us! They take our money and handouts and then laugh at us! I am a firm believer that charity starts at home. First get your own house in order and then offer a hand up, instead of a hand out!!

Anonymous said...

Trump is the best shot we have at making America great again. Don't blow it Voters.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely correct. Organized religion is a joke.

Anonymous said...

Gravy train WILL end in Nov.

TRUMP 2016

Anonymous said...

And they are all Muslim Countries and no one does anything but complain on blogs including myself. However, if someone starts a legitimate Militia and wants to fight to get our government back I promise you I will be the first one in line!!

Anonymous said...

Charity begins AT HOME!!! Is that a quote from Jesus?

lmclain said...

11:19 wouldn't know Jesus if he appeared in front of him and announced himself.
AND he missed the point.

Anonymous said...

Israel = $6B

Anonymous said...

8:39 AM you are so right. obama has really messed this country up and Killary has sold the country to foreigners.

GOD be with and protect Trump so we can get on with the business of Making American Great Again now and always.

Anonymous said...

At least Israel doesn't chant death to America like most of the others.