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Saturday, September 10, 2016

National Poll: Trump Surges Among Latinos, African-Americans

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has some favorable ratings among both Latinos and African-American voters, according to results of the latest Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll.

The poll's demographic breakdown showed that by combining voters who were "very favorable" and "somewhat favorable" to Trump, the billionaire developer got a positive rating from 35 percent of Hispanics and 24 percent of African-Americans.

18.4 percent of Hispanics rated him "very favorable;"
16.4 percent of Hispanics rated him "somewhat favorable."

Among black voters:

10.5 percent rated Trump "very favorable;"
13.3 percent rated Trump "somewhat favorable."

A Breitbart analysis of the poll notes Trump would not win with either group because 49 percent of Hispanics and 69 percent of African-Americans still have a "very unfavorable" view of him.

Hispanic support would help Trump in Florida, while African-American supporters will help him in Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, according to Breitbart. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is equally unpopular with Hispanics, at 49 percent.


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