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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Last Night, Hillary Claimed Nobody Hacked Her Email. She Lied.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton claimed during Wednesday's presidential forum that nobody hacked her private email server. As usual, Clinton lied.

"There is no evidence my system was hacked," Clinton declared at the forum.



lmclain said...

Ask Gucifer 2.0.
She just SAYS whatever she wants, knowing CNN and MSNBC are too busy telling us every reason why Trump is the devil to fact check and challenge her.

Anonymous said...

She's sick, physically and mentally.
This isn't FDR on crutches or in a wheelchair, with his mind as sharp as ever after his bout with polio. This is a person whose mental faculties are not intact, and will become less intact as time goes on.

Anonymous said...

She lies so much she is showing signs of forgetting the lies she has already told. Heads up, that's what happens when you aren't truthful.

I think she has dementia including mental illness. The voters have a right to know the full extent of her health problems BEFORE the election. She put herself in the public spotlight, and it is her responsibility to (first once in her life) come clean with the public about her health. She wanted to run for president so mighty bad, then she must have the inner ability to run the race unhindered by people holding her up and lifting her out of vehicles before being seen in public to avoid speculation. Too late. It certainly appears she is unfit to hold office and is going to try to pull off another scam on the voters.