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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Martin Armstrong Explains Why "2017 Is The Threshold To Chaos"

I have been warning that 2017 was the Year of Political Hell with four major referendums/elections that would undermine the confidence in government – BREXIT, US Presidential Elections, French Elections, and Germany Elections. These four events hold the potential to overturn the expectations of the future. Whatever the general public felt about government would flip. The key to a shift from Public confidence to Private lies within the scope of these four elections. This is what our computer has been forecasting – political instability on the rise. This is the age of anti-establishment (3rd party) rising globally.

However, I have also warned that Social Security and Medicare go NEGATIVE next year in the United States, which of course mainstream media is not bothering to report for fear that would add fuel to the bonfire of political corruption. But what is also not explained by mainstream media, is that Obamacare is crumbling from within. The entire structural design of Obamacare was the perpetual Ponzi Scheme they used for Social Security.

The theory behind Obamacare was to force the youth to buy health insurance and since they rarely need it as a group, they would be paying-in more than they received. Thus, the idea would be Obamacare would exploit the youth to pay for those who could not afford healthcare because of preconditions. The theory failed because the youth did not buy the insurance.


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Anonymous said...

Well, that, and the fact that the "youth" has no jobs to even pay for the insurance.

I remember a day when we all had great manufacturing jobs and had money for great insurance policies and more money to buy homes then go to the bar with!

Not today. Two incomes can't even do it.