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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Buzz about a 'bud': Clinton camp denies claims she wore earpiece at forum

While Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump each generated headlines about comments made Wednesday night at a candidates’ forum, the buzz Thursday morning was more about a report claiming Clinton relied on a “micro” earbud as she fielded questions about national security — a claim her campaign vigorously denied.

The website True Pundit quoted unnamed New York police sources saying Clinton was wearing an “inductive earpiece” during the NBC forum hosted by Matt Lauer. The website described the unit as the kind of tech used by stage actors in need of prompting to recite forgotten lines.

Two senior campaign aides, though, told Fox News the report is absolutely not true.



Anonymous said...

So who do you believe? A NYC police officer or the Clinton camp? Historical actions by Clinton would suggest the police officer is the truthful one here.

Anonymous said...

She can't even be trusted to do a forum without cheating. If this had been Trump there would have been hell to pay. Yet it's nothing for ailing Hillary to feel entitled to cheat. WHAT A LOW LIFE! Can't answer questions because she is TOTALLY CLUELESS WHAT TO DO. She has to be told by someone else (who isn't trustworthy either) to feed her the answers. What a lying, scheming cheat Hillary Clinton is.

Concerned Retiree said...

With todays technology they can enhance the photos to describe / identify the object that was in her ear. Why is there not technical proof of what was described as a "micro" earbud? Not sure which side is trying to prove the people , in their opinion, is a bunch of unknowledgeable idiots. We do know something about technology and how precise it can be. So show me facts to prove she needs help and prove my suspicions by putting up or shut up. You know the sources so use them.