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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hillary Clinton's speech mandatory viewing at prison, Donald Trump's blacked out, inmates say

Felons ask to join Obama deportation amnesty case, be set free

Federal convicts told a judge they were forced to watch Hillary Clinton’s convention speech at the federal prison where they’re being held — but said the prison imposed a blackout on Donald Trump’s speech, tuning the facility’s televisions to other channels.

The felons are trying to join the federal case against President Obama’s 2014 deportation amnesty, saying that Mr. Obama is discriminating against U.S. citizens caught breaking the law by punishing them, even as he attempts to grant work permits and taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants.

In filings in a federal court in Texas, the four female convicts — one of whom, in a bizarre twist, is serving time for smuggling illegal immigrants — said they need to be set free to fight their case. They said prison officials and other inmates are targeting them for their political beliefs, and particularly their support for Mr. Trump, the GOP presidential nominee.

“On the night of Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, special accommodations were made, where every television in the housing units were placed on the channel where her speech was televised,” the convicts said. But they said they were not allowed “a television to watch Mr. Donald Trump give his acceptance speech.”



Anonymous said...

This is a very important election. the curtain has been pulled back exposing to us the Oz of globalists. Who seek to control and dominate every aspect of Our Lives.! the ones who do not support Trump are exposed as part of the evil conspiracy to affect our enslavement. That should be considered ENIMIES to freedom, the US Constitution,and the American way!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah pander to like minds.