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Friday, September 23, 2016

Who will make it to the White House, Hillary or Donald?

Hillary or Donald? They are totally different and the result will make a world of difference for the future of America. One man's opinion.

On Tuesday, November 8th, Americans will select a new president to solve the problems that the Obama Administration has created. Eight years of national and international crises, with each one seemingly more worrisome than the preceding, have left many Americans unhappy and eager for change and yearning for real hope.

Both Hillary and Donald insist they are going to bring positive change. To prove it, they are flaunting their unique qualifications and recommendations for change. But of the two candidates, which one, if either, will repair a broken country?

America has slipped from its perch internationally. It is no longer the prosperous nation, the strong defender of human rights and freedom that it once was. Instead, it is a country in crisis and in need of steroids. Under the leadership of the Obama Administration, America has become a faded image of what it once was – both domestically and internationally.

Most everyone agrees that neither Hillary nor Donald are saints. According to Republicans, Hillary’s achievement during her many years in government has been her multi-million-dollar foundation, which she uses to sell U.S. government access to unsavory world leaders. According to Democrats, Trump’s achievements during his lifetime has been to build a multi-billion-dollar business by using bankruptcy and even questionable business practices to his advantage. Hillary’s embarrassments (i.e., Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, email scandals, etc.), for example, have made front-page news, and Trump’s gaffes (i.e., about Women, Mexicans, Muslims, etc.) have been tweeted around the world.

Of the two candidates, which one should Americans trust to run the country and pull it out of its freefall into political obscurity?



Anonymous said...

Clearly, Very Clearly Donald Trump is the better choice for America with out a doubt.

Anonymous said...

The person who wrote this article is EXACTLY right.

cass said...

If, by some unfortunate bad luck, HRC is elected, I doubt if she will survive her first term. It will be interesting to see if she will be able to stand for 90 minutes during the first debate on Monday. This woman is neither physically nor mentally fit to assume the office of the presidency!

Anonymous said...

To save America.

Anonymous said...

Trump! but he will get nothing accomplished due to Congress

Anonymous said...

It's her mental health that concerns me. As for as physical, she can sit down during the debate and hold her up later if the rigged system throws the presidential race her way. The mental part can't be disguised because it has been there before Arkansas.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

She will fail in this first debate. There is no way she will be mentally and physically upright foe a 90 minute debate! God bless Donald, and sorry for Hillary's health. I hope she can find a comfortable retirement. There should be no qualifications or excuses on Monday. We need a Commander in Chief who is ready 24-7, 365.

Anonymous said...

Trump definitely has more stamina. Hillary has already failed us as Secretary of State. There's no reason to believe she would improve as President of the United States. And, besides, she's not trustworthy.