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Friday, September 23, 2016

Charlotte Mayor Imposes Midnight Curfew as Hundreds Protest for a Third Night

CHARLOTTE, N.C.) -- As hundreds of demonstrators filled the streets of Charlotte Thursday night to express their anger over Tuesday's police shooting of Keith Lamont Scott, the mayor of North Carolina's most populous city signed an order for a curfew slated to go into effect at midnight, officials have confirmed.

The curfew will be lifted at 6 a.m., per Mayor Jennifer Roberts' order. The curfew is part of a proclamation of a state of emergency, that explains such a measure is necessary "in order to more effectively protect the lives and property of the people within the City of Charlotte."

Chanting "No Justice, No Peace" and "Don't Shoot, Hands Up," protesters began peacefully marching down streets around 7:30 p.m. -- surrounded by rifle-carrying National Guard officers -- carrying signs that read "End Police Terror," "Black Lives Matter," "I Hope I Don't Killed For Being Black" and "Black Power."

The protest began around the same time that attorneys for Scott's family said they had watched police video of Scott's shooting, but were unable to ascertain if Scott indeed had a gun in his hands.



Anonymous said...

What's not being reported enough, is that 70% of the people arrested so far in Charlotte are not from North Carolina. The majority are professional paid protesters brought in by leftist seeking anarchy.

Anonymous said...

Don't want to be shot or tear gassed....get the hell off the streets and into your homes and be ready for work the next morning....OH WAIT, that might be the problem. To lazy to get a job so mess up other folks lives to offset your deficiencies....LOL I need an Obama handout!!!

Anonymous said...

They are paid protestors just like in the other protests earlier this year.

Anonymous said...

if you can steal a tv from Walmart everything is ok? please folks, pants up don't loot