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Friday, September 23, 2016

Charlotte Unrest Strikingly Reminiscent To Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The situation in Charlotte is strikingly similar to the unrest seen in Baltimore in April of 2015. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake’s office has reached out to Charlotte’s mayor to offer any assistance she can.

The shattered windows, pummeled police cars and fires in the streets of Charlotte are eerily reminiscent of a day in Baltimore 17 months ago.

Rawlings-Blake says the scenes of unrest are part of a much larger issue.

“There’s just no trust. There’s a lot of anger. Our country is at a boiling point when it comes to race relations, when it comes to community and police relations. And there’s no trust,” said Rawlings-Blake.

But the mayor warns the violence in the streets only makes a bad situation even worse.



Anonymous said...

Blake is surely the roll model that we need , a racist black woman with anger embedded from birth . She is offering help with my money , I don't think so.
These idiots that are so called protesting are nothing more than hired help from the democrats. They are street gangs and most haven't worked a day in their life that is productive or of any value.

Anonymous said...

That's because most are from Baltimore and Ferguson.

Anonymous said...

It is no surprise that she would take this stance. It would appear to be just like Baltimore in the sense that the police did nothing wrong once again. The man obviously had a gun and was not following the commands of the police. It is clear he was not reading a book as stated. The impulse reactions of this sub culture is typical. The unemployment and racist mind set has much to do with this type of behavior. The working class has no time for this lunacy.

The looting and robbing solves no issues it just divides America more. The police that have been negligent have been charges as in Tulsa and South Carolina. The fact is when police shoot a Caucasian no one says a word. The media is spinning every shooting of a person of color it gives them news. What about the over five hundred Caucasians shot annually by the police ???

All Americans need to use their heads and educate ones self before acting out and creating a divide that will not be solved any time soon. Whites are becoming sick of this impulse behavior and it is dividing this country.

Education and understanding of what is transpiring is the only way to fix this problem. If you take Ferguson and Baltimore it is plain to see there is an agenda by the left. If police go hands off as in Baltimore crime spirals out of control. You can not have it both ways. with over seven million contacts a week in this nation the police will surely have incidents that result in deaths. Sadly it is the cost of doing business. We either enforce the laws or let criminals run the streets.

Anonymous said...

That's because they were organized by the same blatant BLM communist organizers that staged the Baltimore riots. 70% of the thugs causing trouble in NC were not not from NC. They are Hell-bent on stirring up trouble and trying to persuade Blacks to vote for Hillary which will supposedly some how solve the problem (NOT). This country better vote Trump in to end this madness or it will just get worse.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, bussed in by the dems/soros

Anonymous said...

How can "race relations" come to a boiling point? We've had a black president for the last eight years. Does anyone suppose that it has anything to do with that?

Anonymous said...

The point is to get Clinton In take out guns and bring over seas UN troops to police the areas.

Anonymous said...

Same gang leaders and lead terrorist from Soros on down...where again is Homeland Security?