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Friday, September 23, 2016

Eleanor Clift says, ‘Hillary Clinton isn’t sick; you are’

Maybe it’s time for Eleanor Clift, age 76, to call it quits after a long and distinguished career. What distinguishes her career most is its coincidence with those halcyon years for now-aging liberal journalists (think also Dan Rather, who is 84) when the “news” automatically tilted left and no one in the American public was any the wiser.

Clift’s column on Monday argues that the reason there is so much fuss over Hillary Clinton’s health is that she’s a woman. It’s worth pausing and noting that Clift has been around long enough to remember a time before the coining of the word sexism, when articles like hers would never have been conceived of.

But Clift’s column now makes as little sense as it would have in 1950, when she would more likely have been out playing been jacks with other little girls in the neighborhood than penning angry, if ineffectual, columns. The subtitle of her article — “Older men look distinguished. Older women, well… The deck is stacked against Clinton here” — is frankly about as silly as you can get.

That’s not to say she doesn’t get sillier in the column proper:


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