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Friday, September 23, 2016

Jim Jordan Smacks Down IRS Commissioner at Impeachment Hearing

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan went to town Wednesday against IRS commissioner John Koskinen at Koskinen’s congressional impeachment hearing over his response to the IRS conservative targeting scandal.

In a triumphant smackdown, Jordan showed Koskinen to his face that the IRS is still engaging in targeting of conservative groups, according to the U.S. Court of Appeals. Jordan said:

Now the clincher! Now the clincher! It’s still going on. And so the other side can say we shouldn’t be here today, you shouldn’t have to sit through this. I’m saying, why haven’t we done this a long time ago? You should have been gone a long time ago. When this is the record: losing emails, backup tapes destroyed, targeting still continues to this day. Not Jim Jordan’s words. Not Freedom Caucus words. Words from the Court of Appeals. For goodness sake, that’s why this hearing is important and that’s why we should move forward with the articles that Mr. Chaffetz submitted 15 months ago and make sure you no longer hold office.



Anonymous said...

Dave T: Koskinen is a complete disgrace to the position he holds. Please can his sorry ass !

Anonymous said...

He works for the Fed. Bank.
It is up to them to fire him.

Anonymous said...

He needs to lose more than just his job he needs to lose all retirement plus any other benefits. Kick his butt out but wait until after the election right now it would be an unnecessary distraction that could cost republicans the white house and maybe the senate.

Anonymous said...

He needs more than a smack, I say how about a size ten cowboy boot (you know the pointy kind).

Anonymous said...

He has willfully headed a criminal enterprise that intentionally didn't follow the laws. Can him, and indict him and convict him, but understand Obama will write him a pardon.