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Friday, September 23, 2016

Hillary's Glass-Hurling, Cursing Fit of Rage, and Dangling Noose Allusion

"Hillary would not be having fever dreams about swinging from a noose ... if she didn’t know, deep inside, that her actions, and the actions of those monied interests whom she serves, are noose-worthy."

Originally appeared at Chateau Heartiste

An insider source at NBC reported that Hillary Clinton (you may know her as the c*nt) had an epic meltdown off-stage of her recent debate with Matt Lauer (who is currently being criticized for asking her normal journalistic questions that enraged Leftoid Hivemind authorities in charge of preapproving fluff talking points for Hillary’s benefit).

Here is the transcript:



Anonymous said...

Joe, you should publish the transcript excerpt for all to see. Just those words completely describe the real Hillary and her fears.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to back hand that candidate. Knock her on the fat back side.

Anonymous said...

The real Hillary. But see how the mainstream media responded in her favor afterward? That kind of power over the media is why real change in Washington is needed and career politicians must go.