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Friday, September 23, 2016

NAACP: Betsy Ross Flag Racist

Current US flag targeted next?

The historic Betsy Ross flag associated with the American Revolution is racist, the NAACP claims.

The flag, which represents the 13 colonies by using stars arranged in a circle, was described by the NAACP Greater Grand Rapids Branch of Michigan as a symbol of the “racist” Patriot movement.

Chapter president Cle J. Jackson attacked the flag after Forest Hills Center High School students brought one to a Sept. 9 football game alongside a Trump flag.

“Celebrating flags co-opted by exclusionary movements, held next to political banners of a presidential candidate who has offended people of color and immigrants, and accompanied by chants of ‘Go home’ by some students at a majority White school to players at a predominantly African-American school are not coincidences by unaware students,” he said. “They are intentional actions of intimidation and rooted in no agenda other than to insult, to injure, and to incite.”

Even if there were racist students present, as he claims, that doesn’t mean the Betsy Ross flag by itself is racist.



Gerald said...

Not necessarily this flag, but the US Flag is the one that slave ships sailed under bring their ancestors to America for work. NO slave ships ever sailed under the confederate battle flag, or any confederate flag. SO in truth, the US Flag is the flag of slavery!
That being said, we need to make this right, and send them all back to Africa where they won't have to see this flag, or the confederate flag. They obviously aren't happy here, and after all we need to make them happy, us mean old slave owners and traders.

Anonymous said...

STOP erasing our history because YOU don't like something. This is idiocy at it's best.

Anonymous said...

The original flag represented the witches coven of the 13 "tribes", virgin skin, and the blood of the sacrifice. This Nation was founded by witches and freemasons. Learn the truth!

Anonymous said...

Who sold the slaves to the Europeans ? There Omn people.

The truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Everything and everyone who is not for Black Lives Matter is racist, every part of history now is what we done to them, what about how the Jews were persecuted, and the American Indians, are they raging a war the answer is NO.

Anonymous said...

This comment form is racist. Ever notice it's mostly White and only the little letters are Black?

LOL, everything is NOT a race issue!

Anonymous said...

The Betsy Ross flag along with the Confederate flag are historical. Period. This group and others like them need to get over their ignorance and study our Nation's history.

Anonymous said...

So is black history month, Martin Luther King Museum, Martin Luther King Roads, Streets, etc., and anything and everything that relates to blacks. They want to destroy our history (which is totally ignorant) but what do you expect!! so let's eliminate all of that. Oh and NAACP is also racist so abolish that as well, they are the culprits of a lot of all this craziness!!!

Anonymous said...

Guess the idiot who doesn't like the Betsy Ross flag was absent from school when they talked about Crispus Attucks being the first casualty of the Boston Massacre.

The freedoms WE enjoy (you, me, he, all of us) were won and codified by our founders and framers. Wise as they were, they can be forgiven for not having anticipated anyone so lacking in intellect and knowledge might today be in a position of influence.