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Friday, September 23, 2016

BREAKING NOW: Family Releases Video of Charlotte Police Shooting

CHARLOTTE, SC (WLTX) - - The family of Keith Scott, the man shot and killed by Charlotte police this week, has released the first video that shows some of what transpired before and after the shooting.

The recording was made by his wife, Rakeyia Scott, and captured both the moments before the shooting and following it. However, on the recording, the shooting itself is not shown--only the sounds of gunfire can be heard while the camera is panning to a different shot. It offers no clarification on whether he had a weapon, or if his arms were raised or what he was doing when the shots were fired.

On the video, officers can be heard yelling "drop the gun" several times. His wife yells, "Keith, get out of the car."

After the shots are fired, she's heard screaming, " Did you shoot him" and "he better not f---ing dead."



Anonymous said...

Ohhhhhhhhh he just took his meds lol the cop on the passenger side obviously seen a gun on him and explains the gun,once again the poluce are 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

If you were paying attention to what she was saying "Keith, Don't do it, don't do it" you might think that he did have a gun. That is my educated guess. And that is more than likely why she quit videoing him at that point.

Anonymous said...

NO MAM, we were shooting into the tire to disable the vehicle and he jumped in front of our bullet.....why the hell was she telling him "not to do it"????? She knew he had a was another set-up.

Anonymous said...

Let's give the benefit of a doubt here:
"Don't do it... Don't do it...!" could've meant "don't throw your book at the cops...Don't throw the book!"
(Again: In serious need of a sarcasm font.)

Anonymous said...

Why is it so difficult for police to say they recovered a gun that didn't belong to any of the officers at the scene? It would be case closed, that is, if they really recovered a gun and aren't trying to find one to plant.