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Thursday, September 22, 2016

US Federal Debt Is Expanding At The Fastest Rate Since The Crisis

A few days ago, the federal debt of the United States rather quietly and unceremoniously passed the $19.5 trillion mark.

And while that figure may seem absolutely confounding, what’s even more alarming is how rapidly the US government is racking up this debt.

In fact, for the 2016 fiscal year that ends in just ten more days, the US government’s debt growth of $1.36 trillion is on track to be the third biggest annual increase ever.

The only two years in all of US history that posted higher US debt growth were 2009 and 2010– the peak of the financial crisis.



Anonymous said...

Dave T: Way to go Obozo, spending worse than any drunken sailor on the planet or in history. What a legacy you are leaving behind.

Anonymous said...

Get ready folks. Remember what happened in Russia about 10 years ago? If you don't habe beans and bullets...start digging your burial hole.

Anonymous said...

It is NOT Obama.
It is the Federal Reserve Bankers!
Wake up folks.

Obama works for them. Not the other way around.

lmclain said...

It's MORE than 19.5 TRILLION (say that again to yourself and let that impossible-to-ever-pay number sink in). They just won't tell us that because it would definitely affect the election.
keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

The US debt can only increase with the printing of more money by the Fed. The Fed is causing this problem. The politicians are doing what the Fed wants them to do.

Anonymous said...

MOSTLY Interest from the FED on money that our gov borrows. If you dont think our politicians are stealing and corrupt your wrong. We never should have set UP of a central bank.(FED) should be Taxes collected equals money spent.

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot

Anonymous said...

but the economy is good!


TRUMP 2016

Anonymous said...

Don't collect And invest in the USA currency. ( Dollar bills !)..Put your Hard Earned Money into Something Elas !!..I'm not talking about The stock market either !! ...You Figure it Out !!