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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Death Investigation In Marion Station, MD

(Marion Station, MD) – On 09/21/2016 at approximately 1000 hours, Troopers from the Maryland State Police Princess Anne Barrack responded to Landon Store Road, Marion Station MD regarding a report for a discovered body.

A utility company was digging a power line at a residence when the excavator located a white medical container approximately 2-3ft underground. Inside of the box was what appeared to be a baby blanket with human remains which contained a hospital bracelet with the word “Baby” written on it.

Investigators from the Princess Anne Criminal Enforcement Division responded and took over the investigation. It was learned that the previous homeowner was deceased but still had family located in the area. Contact was made with family members and it was discovered that the previous homeowner had a baby that had died at birth in 1971. The baby was buried in the front yard of the residence near a flower garden at the family’s request. The location where the utility company was digging on today’s date is where the flower garden was located in 1971.

The body was then transported to Medical Examiner’s Office for proper burial.


Anonymous said...

The "proper" burial upcoming will be in the state's Potter's Field.

Anonymous said...

So sad why not just leave it where it was not hurting anyone.

Anonymous said...

Our burial laws don't prohibit this.

Anonymous said...

It HAD a proper burial. What the utility company did was to disturb a grave. I bet the power company could have chosen a different route for the underground cable, upon the discovery of the baby casket. Instead they opened it up and desecrated the grave, before calling the cops to get rid of it for them. Shame on the power company.