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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Gregg Jarrett: Is Anthony Weiner sexting his way to the slammer?

Anthony Weiner would be well advised to retain a skilled criminal defense attorney.

Either that, or a tailor who can outfit him for the latest trend in prison stripes.

If the new reports of his sexting with a 15-year-old girl are true, the disgraced former congressman could find himself behind bars if convicted under both state and federal laws that criminalize such sick behavior.

Messages and photographs published byThe Daily Mail appear to show Weiner carrying on a months-long online sexual relationship with the girl.The lewd sexting reportedly included sexual role-playing and rape fantasies.

The messages allegedly indicate Weiner knew he was chatting with an underage girl.

Weiner is a known liar and sexting addict. But is he also a child predator? If you can stomach a reading of the news accounts, together with the lurid messages he seems to have sent, you will reach an inexorable conclusion. So, too, may a jury.

What crimes might Weiner have committed? Quite a few, actually. Both state and federal.



Anonymous said...

Democrats are a disgusting group of people. I am not saying because republican politicians are above this type of behavior. But republicans do not continually support, prop up, and vote for a basket of deplorables like Bill Clinton and Weiner.

Anonymous said...

Call Dr Phil!

Anonymous said...

He's got schmuck written all over him.

Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as an "online sexual relationship".

Jeez! Has the author never engaged in sexual behavior?

Does this person not realize that in order to do so, requires physical contact? Does the author know what SEX means?

Anonymous said...

I did not have sex with that woman (or child)

Anonymous said...

So I take it your registered? Pos

Anonymous said...

The inmates need to teach him a few things.

Anonymous said...

No crime here, remember it is all about intent, according to FBI director Commie (How his name should be spelled), he is just careless, like Hitler-y.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Weiner's weiner, or who he shows it to?