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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Clinton Foundation's Latest Scandal Involves Payments For "Exclusive Access To New Lime Production" In Haiti

In the media's latest blatant attempt to "criminalize behavior that is normal", the Wall Street Journal recently highlighted yet another questionable pay-for-play allegation between Bill Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and a powerful European perfume industry trade group called the Fragrance Foundation. The alleged scandal begins with a $260,000 payment to Bill Clinton for a January 2014 speech to the Fragrance Foundation and ends with Firmenich International, one of the world’s largest fragrance and flavoring suppliers, getting access to an exclusive supply of limeoil from Haiti with a little help from their new friends at the Clinton Foundation...but only after another $200,000 of "donations" to a Clinton Foundation company, based in Haiti, called the Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corporation.

The problem for Firmenich began back in early 2014 when the "Citrus Greening Disease" began wiping out 1,000s of acres of citrus in North America driving the price of limeoil, a key perfume input, through the roof. Per the chart below, the price of limeoil hovered around $15,000 per metric ton for decades before surging to over $50,000 per metric ton in June 2014.


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