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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Pat Caddell: Hillary Clinton ‘Attacked the American People, She Didn’t Attack David Duke’

Veteran pollster Pat Caddell joined Wednesday’s edition of Breitbart News Daily on SiriusXM to discuss the latest presidential polls and the continued fallout from Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment.

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow asked Caddell if he thought Donald Trump’s five-point lead in the latest L.A. Times tracking poll was credible. Caddell described the L.A. Times methodology of querying a panel of voters daily as an “experimental approach,” and said he was “fascinated” by the results.

“I think it’s a credible approach,” he said. “Certainly I have a lot more interest in it than I do, for instance, the Washington Post poll, which is historically, in every election, cannot get the – some polls tilt one way, I guess, some tilt the other. This has always tilted over its sampling, overly Democratic. It’s a 10-point margin in their last poll, which showed Trump down 5. So if you take it to where it is, at best, basically a 5-point Democratic Party preference edge, you had basically a dead heat, but you know the Washington Post can’t report something like that.”


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