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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Obamacare Imploding, Clinton Pushes For Gov't Take Over

Obamacare exchanges are imploding nationwide, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is pushing for a government-run public option as a solution to the failing healthcare system.

It’s hard to imagine a situation in which Obamacare could get any worse: 16 healthcare co-ops have gone under, the Tennessee Health Commissioner is saying the state’s Obamacare exchanges are “very near collapse,” and analysts can’t even fathom a positive future for the system in either the short or long term

UnitedHealth Group is exiting 31 of the 34 exchanges in which they participate and Aetna is leaving 11 of its 15 states by the end of 2016. Some 75 percent of exchanges will have narrow insurance options in 2017, a figure up markedly from 64 percent in 2016 and 55 percent in 2015, according to Becker’s Hospital Review. In fact, five states are likely to have just one insurer in 2017, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.



Anonymous said...

Let the private sector have it back and removing the free trade restrictions.

Anonymous said...

Well, Nancy, if we had been able to read it before it was passed some of this might not have happened. Of course, this is what you knew and wanted to happen. Billions of dollars are now swept away and health care access is not what the supporters envisioned... or was it?

Anonymous said...

I can't pay it any longer.
I am quitting health coverage.
I have health insurance my entire adult life (30 years or so).
But now it is too expensive.

Steve said...

You added 10,000 government employees between the patients and their doctors. WTF did you expect to happen?

And Hillay's solution is to "have the government take over?

Been there, done that, Hil, and it didn't work? Did you even hear what the exchanges were saying?????

A: Remove the 10,000, or what's probably 20,000 by now government administrators of Obamacare.

B: End any government participation in any Dr./patient relationship

C: Put all insurance, pharmaceutical, and medical operations in the complete control of the individual practices without any government participation.

Since Obamacare, I have received two separate notifications that my medical records have been hacked and stolen through the new networks required by it. It never happened to me in the last 50 years before that.

Take out the trash and start over!