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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Naked Mike Rowe Pulls Shotgun on Drone That Invades His Property

Mike Rowe, the TV host, writer, narrator, producer, spokesman for the working class, and all around great guy woke from sleep and rolled out of bed only to come face to face with a drone hovering overhead and recording.

Mike did the first thing that came to mind – he grabbed his 12 gauge shotgun to blast the drone from the skies. As Mike tells the story on his Facebook page:

Leave Me Adrone!

Early this morning, deep in the middle of some sort of strange gardening dream, I was awakened by the sound of a giant bumble bee, hovering a few inches from my ear. As I slowly entered a more conscious state, I realized the sound was not coming from a bee in a dream, nor for that matter, a bee in reality. It was coming from something much larger, just outside my bedroom window. Dressed in my favorite pair of non-existent pajamas, I leapt from my bed and pulled the drapes aside. There, not three feet in front of me, was a camera, dangling from the underside of a drone. The red light was on, and the camera was rolling.



Anonymous said...

Mike Rowe for secretary of defense.

Anonymous said...

He was right to do what he did it was invasion of property and at a weird hour at that.

Anonymous said...

Should aim for the one using the remote control.

Anonymous said...

Should have pulled the trigger. Then posted it!

Anonymous said...

The man has a way with words