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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Trump is doing better with Hispanics than you think

Donald Trump is performing about as well with Hispanic voters as GOP nominee Mitt Romney did in 2012, according to opinion polls — something that unsettles Democrats and surprises even some Republicans.

Skeptics had suggested that Trump would suffer a blowout among Hispanics, given that his rhetoric, on illegal immigration in particular, has been controversial.

Trump’s promise to build a wall on the southern U.S. border and force Mexico to pay for it is perhaps the best known of his campaign pledges. And at his campaign launch in June 2015, he said people coming into the country illegally were “rapists.”

But as of right now, there is not much evidence to suggest that Trump is faring any worse among Hispanics than did Romney, who at one point argued that illegal immigrants in the United States could be persuaded to “self-­deport.”


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Anonymous said...

Today I heard that in the swing states where they are doing all the polling Trump beats Clinton by 30pts with independents. This is significant. Polls are not conducted on states like MD, CA and other democrat stronghold states. It's assumed they are safe democrat. Also usually things run pretty much the same way so if Trumps up 30 with the independents in FL, OH, etc then chances are it's like that nationwide. We could see Trump winning states that the GOP hasn't won in a long long time. Another development Illinois has moved from likely clinton to leans clinton state as of today.