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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Swedish Suburbs Are Turning Into War Zones

Immigrant Muslim youths are throwing powerful bangers at police, attacking public transport, burning garbage and tires in the streets

In Södertälje, just west of Stockholm, there has been rioting two nights in a row.

Immigrant Muslim youths are throwing powerful bangers at police, attacking public transport, burning garbage and tires in the streets. The gangs also try to lure rescue personnel into traps so that they can attack them. Cars are set ablaze. So far 150 cars have been burned in Södertälje this year without anyone being arrested or suspected.

There have been similar incidents in a number of Swedish suburbs lately, and it is increasing.

Immigrant youths are leading the effort to transform Swedish suburbs into something reminiscent of dysfunctional civil war zones, where people are afraid to go out at night and immigrant gangs ravage.

Saturday night police were alerted that a bus had been subjected to stone throwing in Hovsjö in Södertälje. In addition, powerful firecrackers, known as “bangers”, were thrown at the bus, reports Aftonbladet.



Anonymous said...

As someone originally from Salisbury who has spent months at a time in Sweden in the past two years I will share my experience: even the roughest suburb of Malmö is safer, more beautiful, and more accessible than Fitzwater/West/Church St neighborhoods. I don't say this to be derogatory about salisburys neighborhoods, but to point out how the story told about Sweden is not accurate. It's an attempt to sow fear and protectionism and does not reflect reality.

Anonymous said...

The Scandinavian countries have a culture adopted over time which has worked pretty well for them; many similarities but differences, too.

The relatively recent introduction of relatively high numbers of immigrants from completely different cultures and values may be something they regret.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that they regret it. A friend of mine has lived in Sweden for the past 20 years and says that it's becoming not as pleasant a place to live since immigration standards have slipped.

Anonymous said...

12:04 I have a had time believing that burned out cars in the street project a safe and pleasant environment. And comparing that to us is ridiculous.

I highly doubt they feel the same way you do. And I am sure they dont want their communities turned into muslim ghettos either.

All you have to do is look at France to see reality. Or is that a lie too?

Anonymous said...

Radical Islamic immigrants have one goal. To change the world to become like them. Muslim culture does not fit with ours which is why they must not be allowed to come here. And they are pouring in our southern border with no problem.

lmclain said...

12:04. stop the BS.
When is the last time you saw groups of people in Salisbury burn 150 cars and try to lure drivers into traps to rob and beat them?
Whitewashing and minimizing the chaos these people have brought into Europe (who WELCOMED them and took citizen's homes in order to accomodate their arrival --- well, I guess a more accurate description would be "their leaders made them welcome them) seems to be a set up for telling Americans that these animals (who burn women alive and rape kids as directed by their koran) would NEVER do THAT here and we should trust and love them.
Tell us more. Especially the part where they would never set off a bomb in the local mall, blow up a bus, behead a child on the street, snatch a 10 year old boy and gang rape him, or kill their daughters for dating a Christian.
You know, all the things Christians do all the time across the globe.

Because Jesus SAID "kill everyone you can. The younger and the more innocent they are, the better. Don't bring the children to me for love --- bring them for sex! And if they don't like it, kill them. The bloodier the better! And make sure you say "praise Jesus!!" as the knife penetrates the neck of that 13 year old girl!!"
Just when I think I think people can't get any more stupid, someone lowers the bar some more. Keep cheering.

Anonymous said...

either you are a pot stirrer or you dont get out much or you live in a very high class area with high walls

Anonymous said...

That is our future if we continue down this Libtard path. Wake up America.