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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

High School Performs Jaw-Dropping Show to Honor Troops, Police

These days it seems that celebrating America is not exactly politically correct, whether its public schools banning the U.S. flag or professional football players refusing to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner.

We’ve seen protesters burn Old Glory while politicians bicker about whether these great United States are still a most exceptional country.

But there’s a little high school on the shores of Lake Michigan that still believes in America. They still believe in concepts like God and Country, duty and honor — the idea that we are still that shining city on a hill.

And what they folks at Mona Shores High School did before the Thursday night football game on Sept. 1st has folks all across the fruited plain grabbing for a hanky.

The Mona Shores Sailors hosted a “Sailor Salute” — a breathtaking celebration to honor the armed forces as well as first responders.

There were tanks and helicopters and marching bands and speeches. They even landed an Army chopper at Sailor Stadium. And of course, you can’t celebrate America without the Freedom Rider motorcycle club. They showed up, too. The kids even passed the hat to raise money for the Grand Rapids Home for Veterans.

School leadership even encouraged folks to show up for the game with American flags. Yes, Mona Shores really is a public school!

More here with video

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