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Wednesday, September 07, 2016



Anonymous said...

We have put up with this crap for 8 years , obama who I really think is satan , doesn't have 1 accomplishment in the productive area . Who does he represent ? I will tell you , he represents all muslim nations , period .

Anonymous said...

That sums it up real good!

Anonymous said...

I met an elderly lady at the dealership yesterday , she lives by herself and this is what she told me. She said " I never used to use the four letter word , now I talk to the TV and use it often , every time I hear his name or see him on the TV I use the four letter word." She even told me he was a "Half-breed".

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it seems a lot longer than eight years!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope all of the people that voted him in for 2 terms are happy with themselves. He has ruined this country by filling it with Muslims.
It makes me sick to see his face and hear his disgusting voice.

Anonymous said...

The Constitution that supports our government's structure and behavior was written to be somewhat flexible, but, more importantly, resilient. It's meant to weather bad presidents (and perhaps breathe a sigh of relief with good presidents).
These eight years have mightily tested that resilience, leaving the law, and more importantly, the appreciation of and respect for it, dented and bent and off track. To preserve the Constitution, the next four years have to be spent in repairing the public's trust in its government-defining document and in the very government that it defines.

Four more years of leadership by the likes of our current president will not provide that respite and rehabilitation.

One of our presidential candidates will continue the leadership style and and policies of our current president. One will not.

The choice seems clear.