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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Are You Still In Denial?


Anonymous said...

Who's next?

Not Quite Understanding said...

Julien Assange is next, they've already tried to get him a few weeks ago. My apologies for spelling his name wrong. May Mr. Assange live long!

lmclain said...

When upcoming witnesses against a Mafia boss suddenly get shot, commit suicide, or disappear just before the trial, the police go crazy interviewing his friends, threatening jail and prison for anyone who even LOOKED at the witness, and trying strong arm and intimidate anyone and everyone in order to get the perp. Why? Because they KNOW it's not a coincidence. ESPECIALLY when TWO DOZEN witnesses die.
Thats the procedure for "we, the people".
When potential witnesses against HER die (shot in the back, shot at night at a deserted intersection, shot while walking in the woods, hang themselves, etc.), the police don't even look up from their desk. They don't look at all.
They have decided they like living too much.
Two Sets of Laws.
People have been given LIFE IN PRISON for murder even when the body has never been recovered, but the circumstances and motives have been enough to convince a jury of their guilt.
Of course, that's the rule for serfs. Like YOU.
She says "it's all LIES!!!" (like Gotti and Gambino) and you just cheer her.
What are you now? One step closer to the rope.
Keep cheering.