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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Martin Armstrong Rages "Children Are Once Again The Number One Tool Of Propaganda"

Whenever you see a story using children, it is the first sign of propaganda. Whenever they use children, it is to cover-up something or to get you to support some agenda. They used pictures of children sell the refugee crisis, yet more than 60% are not even from Syria and most of the refugees are young males and not families.

The latest attempt to influence Europeans is this one that even the Guardian just declared the “new symbol of the horror in Syria.” Children are always exploited to sell an agenda.

This is the primary tool of all propaganda machines. The British established the Office of War Propaganda during World War I and became the first to establish a government agency for the purpose of creating propaganda. They enlisted famous authors like Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, and Rudyard Kipling to write books casting the Germans as the enemy. MI6 has since created Innovative Communications & Strategies (InCoStrat), which is a sophisticated propaganda machine.

The United States adopted the British method in 1917 after establishing the Committee on Public Information in which they carried out experiments to manipulate people to a given agenda. They too employed some well-known people such as journalist Walter Lippmann and the inventor of modern publicity, Edward Bernays, who was Sigmund Freud’s nephew.



Anonymous said...

Pictures of young children touch a place in the human heart, especially when the children have really big eyes.

Anonymous said...

Like the new HPV vaccination commercials.
Mom, Dad, you knew and didn't get me the toxic shot? And now I am sick.
They want 11 yr olds to get shot up with that crap

There are 150 strains of HPV and the shot only covers TWO.
About 90 percent of these infections don't cause HPV symptoms and tend to resolve on their own within two years, the CDC notes.

Propaganda at its best.

lmclain said...

I've been trying to tell you you are being played on a scale that is massive and completely pervasive.
Now, you see the proof.
In their own words.
Dumber than sand ground from dumb rocks.
Jefferson would have hung you all.
keep cheering.