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Tuesday, September 06, 2016

FBI: Clinton withheld 17,500 emails

FBI agents said they recovered 17,448 "unique work-related and personal" emails from Hillary Clinton's private server that were not provided by her legal team.

The revelation came in notes released Friday by the FBI related to the investigation of Clinton's email system.

Agents said 81 email chains discovered in the course of their year-long probe should have been considered classified at the time they were written, contrary to Clinton's claims that everything sensitive was retroactively classified.

In addition, three emails bearing "confidential" classified markings were discovered on her server. The Democratic nominee said she assumed the "C" marking was a way to sort paragraphs alphabetically.



Anonymous said...

Anyone with half a grain of sense would know what's sensitive information, that which would be classified from Confidential to Top Secret, let alone someone with over 30 years of experience with message traffic in several highly sensitive positions.

As Dr. Carson pointed out in a recent interview, Clinton's failure to remember her documentation and message protection training, regardless of whether it's a lie or by a mental failure, disqualifies her from taking the oath of office as president.

Anonymous said...

That says it all. She's not fit for the office.

Anonymous said...

The elite who want her to be POTUS cannot (apparently) prevent this information from coming public.
I thought they had better control of information.
I suppose they control only the MSM. It is alternative media (like Joe's blog) that is getting out the info on Hillary.

Anonymous said...

3:42 she is unfit for even dog catcher! But she does have the face for it!

Anonymous said...

How long would the average citizen be allowed to be free if they had done only a part of what this crooked, lying piece of trash has done to this nation's security? Do any of you believe the FBI would allow you to go free?, Do any of you believe the FBI wouldn't be taking notes, and electronic recordings of all your meetings with them?, Do any of you believe you wouldn't either be facing jail time or already in jail?

Why vote for this lying crook? Do you really believe she has your best interests at heart and it doesn't matter whether you are black, white, hispanic, or other? She can not and does not relate to the average person on the street in anyway shape or form. But it doesn't stop her from pandering for your vote. She can promise anything but she has yet to deliver on anything in 30 years. If you only had a dollar left in your wallet, would you give it to Hillary? That's what you are doing when you vote for her for president.

Anonymous said...

6:24 PM - Not long at all.
They would take your house apart, board by board, impound all you own, investigate everyone you ever emailed or got email from or called or got a call from, put a stop on your banking and credit, and hold you indefinitely in an undisclosed location, asking you the same questions over and over again. And that's just the investigation.

lmclain said...

this whole thing has become almost a dark comedy.

The FBI keeps telling us how much she lied, obstructed justice, hid (or did her best to) evidence, destroyed evidence, and perjured herself.

But the FBI won't do ANYTHING!!
THAT should tell you --- the fix is in. She WILL be the next president.
Nothing can stop her.
Shakespeare couldn't have written a better one than this horror show.Better start being afraid. And buying as much ammo as you can.
Keep cheering.