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Monday, August 15, 2016

This Republican mayor has an incredibly simple idea to help the homeless. And it seems to be working.

Republican Mayor Richard Berry was driving around Albuquerque last year when he saw a man on a street corner holding a sign that read: “Want a Job. Anything Helps.”

Throughout his administration, as part of a push to connect the homeless population to services, Berry had taken to driving through the city to talk to panhandlers about their lives. His city’s poorest residents told him they didn’t want to be on the streets begging for money, but they didn’t know where else to go.

Seeing that sign gave Berry an idea. Instead of asking them, many of whom feel dispirited, to go out looking for work, the city could bring the work to them.

Next month will be the first anniversary of Albuquerque’s There’s a Better Way program, which hires panhandlers for day jobs beautifying the city. In partnership with a local nonprofit that serves the homeless population, a van is dispatched around the city to pick up panhandlers who are interested in working. The job pays $9 an hour, which is above minimum wage, and provides a lunch. At the end of the shift, the participants are offered overnight shelter as needed.



Anonymous said...

Nice work, Mayor!

Anonymous said...

Excellent program!

Anonymous said...

Wait why hasnt obama put an excutive order out to stop this. It goes against his policy to get more on unemployment and now who will work aall those shovel ready jobs he promised

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

August 15, 2016 at 9:27 PM

can you stop with the negativity for 5 minutes?

Anonymous said...

I think it's great and it's connecting people to various services. It's nice to see that some are ending up with permanent jobs as well. Sometimes all people need is a chance to prove themselves. Hopefully they will be able to continue funding the program.

Anonymous said...

Salisbury Mayor Day - Are you reading this???? How about trying something like this????

Anonymous said...

Great work!