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Monday, August 15, 2016

Franchot On Tax Free Shopping, Post Labor Day School Start & Fiscal Health

Tax Free Shopping Week starts today.

From now until Saturday, clothing and other purchases less than $100 are free of the state's sales tax

This is the sixth year for Tax Free Shopping Week.

Comptroller Peter Franchot says this week in August is the second busiest shopping week of the year.

He told Maryland's News This Week, that the state gives up about $600,000 in sales tax revenue for this week, but he notes that the state actually gains $1-million in extra tax revenue from the week as people shopping for back to school, also buy taxable items.



Anonymous said...

Quick Math:

52 X $600,000 = $31.2 Million per year.
Wow. The state is spending over 31 million on what?

Anonymous said...

I would love to start after Labor Day. However not at the expense of going almost the whole month of June. Let Mr Willey retire, and someone take over creating the school calendar using a little common sense and consistency, and then maybe I get on that band wagon.

Anonymous said...

If they would take the sales / use tax rate back down to what it was before O'Moron got greedy and ditch the specific alcohol tax - they might make up for it in volume.

For us on the Eastern Shore, Delaware is too close to continue giving money away - you save more than the gas it costs to drive!

Anonymous said...

WOW! Tax free clothing in MD for a week? Drive 10 miles into Delaware and buy anything you want tax free all year.

Anonymous said...

Why not include school supplies in the program? More students need school supplies than clothing.

Anonymous said...

4:28 -- What is so terrible about going a week or two later into June? The weather in June can really be hit or miss. Late August and early September are a much nicer time to be out of school.