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Monday, August 15, 2016

Major drama at Newsmax when host calls out network LIVE for not letting him defend Trump

Dennis Michael Lynch, who hosts Newsmax TV’s “Unfiltered,” went completely unfiltered and off-script Wednesday, and predicted that, “This will be, odds are, my last night.”

After asking if everyone in the media has “lost their integrity,” Lynch answered in the negative.

“I can guarantee you that one man cannot be bought, one man cannot be controlled, and this man certainly cannot be filtered,” he said, referring to himself.

Lynch, a fervent supporter of Donald Trump, told his viewers that he has “been restricted” in “fighting for Trump” and was told by Newsmax executives that he “will no longer have editorial discretion.”

He told his viewers that Newsmax was pushing him to broadcast “pre-made packages” and took issue with one that “tried to slam Fox News for the unfortunate things that are taking place over there right now.”

Lynch, who has been a frequent Fox News contributor, was referring to the numerous allegations of sexual misconduct lodged against its former CEO Roger Ailes.

“There’s no room on this show for that,” he said.

Lynch recorded a separate video of his opener, and what happened immediately afterwards to hisFacebook page.



Anonymous said...

Newsmax has lost credibility as far as I'm concerned. No longer a legitimate conservative blog.

Obama Crooked Bastardo said...

Folks, the Truth has been revealed. You gotta Watch This Video. All MSM in pulling for Crooked Hillary and Proof Is Right There with Mr.Lynch. Astounding!!!