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Monday, August 15, 2016

Troopers Commended For Actions In Arresting Assault Suspect In Queen Anne’s Co.

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) – A Maryland State Police barrack commander is commending the actions of two of his troopers last week when they were dealing with an extremely aggressive individual who drove a vehicle at them before assaulting and threatening to kill them.

Lt. Tim McDonald, commander of the Centreville Barrack, today commended Trooper Houseman and Trooper Bruzzese for their actions during the night of August 12, 2016, when they were dispatched shortly after 10 p.m. to the 200-block of State St., Stevensville, for a report of a disorderly person who was threatening to kill his girlfriend. When the troopers arrived, the suspect, identified as Cody D. Holtman, 28, of the same address, became very aggressive and immediately began screaming at the troopers.

Holtman got into a pickup truck and ignored the troopers’ orders to get out. Instead, he accelerated, driving toward the troopers, who both had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit. Holtman got out of the truck and continued to refuse the directions of the troopers.

Tpr. Bruzzese attempted to arrest Holtman, but the suspect began hitting and kicking both troopers. A violent struggle ensued and the troopers used muscling techniques and closed empty hand strikes as they defended themselves. They were able to handcuff the suspect, even though he continued to resist. He threatened to kill the arresting trooper and members of his family.

Both troopers sustained scratches, abrasions and cuts. Tpr. Bruzzese had bite marks on his arm. His uniform shirt was completely torn off. Both troopers were treated at the scene by emergency medical personnel. The suspect was treated for a contusion above his eye by EMS personnel at the scene, but refused any further medical assistance.

“I commend Trooper Bruzzese and Trooper Houseman for their courageous actions while dealing with someone who was threatening murder and, through a variety of ways, attempted to seriously injure them,” Lt. McDonald said. “Despite the threats and personal assaults, these troopers used their training to attempt to diffuse a situation before having to defend themselves while arresting an aggressive and menacing suspect.”

After his arrest, Holtman was charged with two counts each of first degree assault, second degree assault on a law enforcement officer, threatening injury to a state official, reckless endangerment, malicious destruction of property, failure to obey a lawful order, and one count each of second degree assault, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and disturbing the peace. He was incarcerated on $325,000 bail.


Anonymous said...

Glad they had a good commander to recognize them for doing the job the old fashion way, when they could have gone center mass. They didn't come out unscathed, but thank goodness for them they won't have to live with taking the life of this trash. Only hope now is that the system does their job. TLM

Anonymous said...

Man those drugs must have been real good.

Truth said...

Really let's hear the other side of the story!
I haven't heard or read one statement from the girlfriend that he supposedly was threatening to kill!
Where is her statement or is that the cops stare not trying to defend them selves because they beat the cramp out of Cody after he was in handcuffs? Or is everyone going to let the cops get away with this because he is a white man? Bet if he was a black man people would be demanding the true facts! So come on people lets get the truth and demand it for all races!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the POS got what was coming to him.

Anonymous said...

Is evidence of bite marks on trooper. What more do you want, when "Cody" axe for it. Blame it on the law for doing their job. No wonder they are so busy with the mindset out in the skreets.

Anonymous said...

Instead of getting into the altercation,
Why wasn't the Taser used?

Anonymous said...

Put a bullet in his worthless BUTT!!