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Monday, August 15, 2016

Official expects 1 in 4 people to be infected with Zika virus in US territory of Puerto Rico by end of year

A HEALTH expert has warned he expects one in four people in the US territory of Puerto Rico to be infected with the Zika virus before the year’s end.

The Caribbean island has reported 1,914 new cases of the disease in the last week, and there are said to be 10,690 cases there altogether.

The island’s Health Secretary Ana Rius has said that of the total cases 1,035 involve pregnant women.

The virus is thought to cause serious birth defects including ‘shrunken heads’ in babies.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like it is working very well as a part of the eugenics effort.

Anonymous said...

Zika sounds like a bio weapon from Fort Dietrich.

Anonymous said...

Another contribution to the US by illegal immigrants.