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Friday, November 20, 2015

Wayne Knapp Not Truthful In Daily Times Article

And the drama continues. Wayne Knapp resigned his council position on 11-18-15 at approximately 10:00 AM. We published that information while he was at Town Hall turning in his resignation HERE

However, Knapp dated his resignation letter on the 16th and then claimed to the Daily Times he had resigned on the 16th, (not true) before the Delmar election. No, he was snagged big time and the Daily Times knew it, yet they published the lie anyway. WHY, because Knapp told them what to say and rather then investigating it, (calling Town Hall) they just published what he said. 

Knapp then sent a letter to the Town of Delmar declining his seat to the Council to "avoid drama". No, more like he didn't want to get charged with perjury. 

Clearly the entire Delmar Town Council were going to investigate him and he knew that he was not legally serving the Town of Pittsville while claiming he is a Delmar resident to Wood Creek residents.

Nevertheless, the drama is over. Mr. Knapp is no longer involved in local politics. One still has to wonder if the Town Council in Pittsville will now investigate if Knapp was or was not qualified to be on the Council for the past two years. It's been reported that other Council Members were well aware of Knapp living in Delmar and not Pittsville. The Town attorney claims he had no idea. Yeah, right. 

In the end, many people complain about this Blog exposing such information. They claim no one wants to serve in these positions because their names might get splattered all over social media. Well, you can no longer have the Good Ol' Boys here on the Shore and the TRUTH is finally being exposed, while your Liberal News Media continues to misrepresent the public. 

Did this information come from ANY other news source, NO. That is, until we exposed it. So don't shoot the messenger for telling the truth. We provide a much better service than the rest of your local media and that is why our traffic is so great. 

Finally, IF you want to serve the public, (like I offered to do) then just be TRUTHFUL and HONORABLE. Not everyone is going to like you and or the decisions you make but as long as you respect that you are serving the public and making decisions YOU feel best serves your community, well, we thank you for your service and we'll show our thanks in the very next election.  


Anonymous said...

Wayne Knapp is listed in the Judiciary Case Search about 10 times and his address is the same one in Pittsville.

Complaint Information

Complaint Status: ACTIVE
Status Date: 08/18/2015Filing Date:08/14/2015Amount$260.52Last Activity Date:09/14/2015
Related Person Information

Connection to Complaint: ATTORNEY FOR PLAINTIFF
City: SALISBURYState:MDZip Code:21801
If Person is Attorney: Attorney Code:000182Attorney's Firm:BROUGHTON, P. A.

Connection to Complaint: DEFENDANT
Address: PO BOX 128
City: PITTSVILLEState:MDZip Code:21850

Anonymous said...

Wayne has not lived in Pittsville for sometime,he has a post office box here. He is not a truthful person. We are all better off he is gone from town. Now if his best friend George would leave that would be even better.

Anonymous said...

Denver moore needs to go too. Does anyone know if he is back as town president. If the taxpayers let this happen they deserve to continue to have a mess there

Anonymous said...

Well done Joe. I agree, that is what all citizens want from their elected representatives, "THE TRUTH". You can't go wrong telling the truth. Let that always be your guiding light.

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you posted joe. Im just left bewildered as to why your not on top of local news here lately? Or do you just not find a buss full of bennett middle school 6th and 7th graders driven by a drunk driver that was arrested not news worthy? I just don't get how you missed that or thought it wasn't news worthy enough to let the public know.

JoeAlbero said...

anonymous 5:54, While I thank you for your comment I can only hope you and everyone else understands that we are a very small group of people doing our very best to deliver you free news and information 24 hours a day.

We moderate comments extremely quick to keep them in real time as well.

As for this particular story, WBOC did an awesome job on that story. Give credit where credit is due. They were clearly tipped off by a State Trooper, hence their being on location for the story, pretty much exclusively.

I was NOT going to compete with what they had clearly EARNED. What's even more important, (in my opinion) is that the parents were informed immediately, well before WBOC broke the story.

As for local stories, (such as the one you are commenting on, have YOU seen this local story on WBOC? The answer is a bold NO. Did you contact WBOC and ask them why they aren't covering all local stories? Remember, they have what, close to a hundred people working for them. They also have a helicopter that can get them to far away locations a lot easier then we can. Oh, that's right, they fly over farm land following an animal thst broke loose from somewhere.

Anyhow, we do our very best and we deliver a LOT of local stories. We also do a hell of a lot better job educating all of you on what's important around us, around the country and around the world and guess what, we deliver it a lot faster then any other local news source.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving the goods on this bad!
I agree... Moore.Whitehead,Jones,and Fartlow all need to throw the towel in.
I wonder how come the fire dept has to replace all the doors and brickwork around all of them when only one door was damaged by a eager farmin And how much taxpayer dollar boondoggle this will be compared to the thousands extracted from town hall from karla moore.


Hey Wayne Knapp, Go back across the pond were you are from. Your just a con and a thief.