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Friday, November 20, 2015

Clinton Foundation Running Private Equity Fund in Colombia

The Clinton Foundation is operating a $20 million private equity firm in Colombia, raising concerns from government and consumer watchdog groups who say the practice is unusual and could pose a significant conflict of interest.

The Bogota-based company, Fondo Acceso, could also lead to uncomfortable questions for Hillary Clinton as she criticizes the private equity industry on the campaign trail.

Fondo Acceso was founded by Bill Clinton, Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim, and mining magnate Frank Giustra in 2010, financed with a $20 million joint contribution from the Clinton Foundation’s Clinton-Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative and the SLIM Foundation.

According to the firm’s Spanish-language website, Fondo Acceso is “a Private Equity Fund that seeks investment opportunities in the small and medium Colombian compan[ies] with the purpose of obtaining economic and social returns.”



Anonymous said...

So she is laundering drug money or supporting drug lords, sounds like her.

Anonymous said...

Foundations of the rich allow them to pay no taxes and live like kings while the rest of us are getting taxed up the ying yang.

Anonymous said...

networking with their old Cartel pals that date back to the 80's and the Arkansas Trust Bond scam

Anonymous said...

The Clinton's Empire have investments all over the world. And, the people here in America are suffering. Greed did cause the fall of the Roman Empire. The Clinton's will answer to their corruption one day.