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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Secretary General of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Mahmoud Hossein has called for protests across Egypt Friday, according to Fars News Agency,   the Iranian media outlet run by the Revolutionary Guards.
“This Friday, Egyptian Muslims will conduct peaceful protests outside of the main mosques in every province condemning the insult to Prophet Muhammad,” said Hossein.
 Fars News reports   the possibility of a widespread protest in the region and said American officials are warning their citizens in the Middle East to remain vigilant and alert.


Anonymous said...

Now is it becomming clear to everyone that both Murbarak and Qadafi were not the evil dictators that Obama and SS Clinton made they out to be and that they had to rule with an iron fist for a reason?

Anonymous said...

12:08 is exactly right. The only way to control an animal is to establish dominance over them.

Anonymous said...

I can say in no uncertain terms that in the early 1990's, Hosni Murbarak's government was executing approximately 60 islamic militants that year and another 25,000 were jailed. He knew one of the keys to Egypt's economy was tourism and they had lost a lot of money due to a terrorist attack in Egypt prior early 1990's which the details escape me at this time. He also knew in order to keep up with Egypt's rising population that the economy would also depend on foreign investing which if the country were overrun with militants investors would be reluctant to do. Some Egyptians have been calling for a more "islamic government" since the 1990's. They have been ignored up until Obama was elected.
The real tragedy is the US specifically Obama not comprehending the 'rebels' really islamic militants true intent. I'm sure the 25,000 jailed militants was a consistant number throughout the 90's, 2000's and up and until Murbarak's demise. These are the people we are now seeing out in the streets rioting I maintain.