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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Mike McDermott: The Allegations Against Wendy Rosen Make Her The Poster Child For Voter Fraud

(Annapolis) -- Delegate Mike McDermott (R), representing Maryland's Eastern Shore, is calling upon Maryland Attorney General Douglas Gansler and Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to conduct a thorough investigation into the allegations of fraud committed by former 1st District Congressional Candidate Wendy Rosen. The former Democratic candidate was a challenger in the race against incumbent Congressman Andy Harris (R).

"At a time when many declare we should not be concerned about 'voter fraud,’ the disqualified 1st Congressional District Candidate, Wendy Rosen, makes the perfect poster child " stated Delegate Mike McDermott. "These allegations must be investigated and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law as a vigilant reminder that our elections are precious and must be protected” continued Delegate McDermott.

Delegate McDermott has requested an investigation of the allegations that Ms. Rosen voted in the states of Maryland and Florida during the same election cycle. The delegate went on to say, "Her [Rosen's] outrageous conduct has resulted in an attack on our strong two-party election process that should not go unpunished. We expect more from our electorate and we must demand our candidates lead by example."

Formal requests were filed with both Offices of the Attorney Generals Gansler (Maryland) and Bondi (Florida) requesting the investigation of alleged fraud committed by Rosen in their respective jurisdictions.


Anonymous said...

Baloney. None of the so-called vote fraud remedies the Republicans are proposing would have caught this case. She presented a legal id at each voting site. What she did was absolutely wrong and I hope she is prosecuted, but what Republicans are proposing are measures that would not have stopped her and are absolutely intended to supress legitimate voters.

Anonymous said...

How do you know she presented a legal ID at each voting site 4:37? If she did do what you claim then she was intent on committing fraud and should be prosecuted and sentenced to the fullest extent of the law.
It's one thing to register in 2 places and vote but when you make a concerted effort to commit fraud by obtaining 2 ID's then the stakes are even higher.
Not only that if what you say is true then she obtained an ID in order to commit fraud, another no no.
It's a good thing this woman is out of the race. She's more stupid than orginally thought. Another intellect of the democratic party!

Anonymous said...

I thought election judges were not allowed to ask for I.D. at voting time. The only way to catch her doing this is that she registered in both states, went to both states, and gave her name at the precincts she had registered in both states, and then proceeded to vote in both. The only other scenario would be that she sent a friend to the other state and had them use her name to vote the way she instructed. Since no one has to show I.D, the possibility of a conspiracy is still out there.
This is why I.D. needs to be required, and thost claiming dual state citizenship need to be checked and denied dual voter registration.

Anonymous said...

4:37 is an Obama "lie" team member.
They were taught how to change the subject, create a diversion, and basically give an off topic question and answer.
The real issue is Democrat FRAUD.

Anonymous said...

"Obama "lie" team member" I love it!

Anonymous said...

She is out of the race, but her name remains on the ballot!
What kind of a deal is this ?

Anonymous said...

It had something to do with early voting 7:27. Maybe it's too late to remove her name?

Anonymous said...

overseas ballots have already been sent to our military personnel so it was too late to make any changes in order to comply with the law...and if she did present say...a driver's license to vote...what state was she licensed's your clue. Of course, she did not present any ID...just a flawed piece of character was all that was required.

Obama Motors said...

Let me see, so she knowingly commited fraudelent voting in 2008, and here she is in 2012 running nasty campaign and begging for votes, wow? Is this the best Democrats could come up with? Another "intelectual member of Obama Lie team". Just say NO to these fools in November.