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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Visitor Shot at Morgan State Student Center

A man visiting Morgan State University was shot at the student center Wednesday afternoon, Baltimore City police say.

Police say the incident posed no threat to students on campus.

University spokesman Clint Coleman told The Baltimore Sun that the shooting was "not random," adding that the victim and suspect likely knew each other



Anonymous said...

"Police say the incident posed no threat to students on campus." Really? As the parent of a student at MSU, how in the world can the police say that? It is an absolutely ridiculous statement. Apparently the shooter got away. What if a student got in the way of his escape? What if a student ran into the guy? Too many questions. Baltimore City needs some help. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that also. I saw the same statement on another shooting as well. How can they predict something like that.

Anonymous said...

Baltimore is simply considering the elements involved.

Anonymous said...

It's just a terrible shame that our children can not even feel safe in schools and universities. This country has gone to hell.