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Thursday, September 13, 2012


Al Qaeda has released a new video of an American hostage delivering a desperate plea to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, asking him to intervene on his behalf, ABC News first reported  .
“Message from the Prisoner Warren Weinstein To the Zionist Netanyahu,” the caption in the video reads.
Warren Weinstein, 71, a former Peace Corps and USAID official, was kidnapped from his home in an upper-class neighborhood in Lahore, Pakistan in August 2011 after a number of armed men tricked his security guard into letting them onto his property. Officials believe Weinstein is being held in the tribal regions along Pakistan’s border with Afghanistan.


Anonymous said...

And our clueless loser is going to snub his nose at Netenyayhoo on his visit to the US.

Anonymous said...

Obama can not meet with Netenyahu
6:05 so get that out of your head. Obama knows it and his handlers know it. He is incapable of putting a coherent sentence together without the aid of a teleprompter.
Like for instance today he was asked if Egypt is our ally. He's stumbled over his answer repeatedly. No one still knows if they are or they aren't.

Anonymous said...

I think you snubbed the "yahoo" as well as any one.

Anonymous said...

Yeah what the heck was up with the "is Egypt our ally" question?

He said they aren't our ally and they aren't our enemy. Sure make alot of sense-LOL!

Then the White House Propaganda Minister in a way very reminisce of Clinton's "it depends on what the definition of is is" when asked the Egypt ally question, proceded to say it depends on what the legal definition of ally is!

This is something out of a Saturday Night Live skit the way the White House is handling this very serious situation.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you clowns can't think beyond an 8th grade level. The dude at the 7/11 isn't my bestie, but he hasn't done anything to warrant a whoopin. Make sense now?