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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We May Never Know Why

For the second time in two weeks, the nation is reeling from a mass shooting. This time it was in Oak Creek, Wisconsin where a gunman walked into a Sikh temple armed to the teeth and opened fire – killing six people. We may never know the shooter's motivation since he was killed as well. According to early reports – the shooter was an Army veteran who may have been a white supremacist. Eyewitnesses report the shooter had a 9/11 tattoo on his arm. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence released a statement reminding Americans just how common mass shootings are now in America saying, "There have now been 61 mass shootings since the tragedy last year in Tucson and 100 school shootings since the one at Columbine High School. Tomorrow, another 32 Americans will be murdered by guns." But beyond gun violence, this latest mass shooting may also be a result of growing Islamophobia in America. The shooting occurs just weeks after Congressional Republicans led by Michele Bachmann warned of an infiltration of the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood. And while Sikhs are not Muslims – that distinction is often lost on the frightened and the na├»ve who are whipped into action by Islamophobes and encouraged to "take their country back." Keep an eye on this story.


Anonymous said...

It is not a result of "growing" Islamophobia. Maybe ignorance in this case of a racist not knowing Sikh's are peaceful harmonious people. But, in general,
it is the result of allowing the cult of Islam followers into America by the millions.
Muslim world expansion is real.
It is violent toward Christians and Jews or infidels wherever it gains a foothold.
Islamic religious killings total 19,383 human beings mostly Christians and Jews since 9/11 all justified by sharia law.
That number does not include the thousands of honor killings of women and homosexuals that bring dishonor to the family also justified in the Koran with all praise to Allah.
Nor does it include the genocidal massacres of unknown numbers in central and eastern Africa. Most recently 19 ambushed and murdered in a Nigerian Christian church.

The writing is on the wall. If you stand with the Nation of Islam, the Muslim brotherhood or followers of Mohamed you are the enemy of peace and humanity.
Again, The church leader tried to fight back, with a knife.
Imagine if he had been allowed to carry a gun to protect himself and his churchgoers.
The anti-gun nuts and unconstitutional laws they promote are responsible for the carnage here, Aurora, and every other mass shooting incident where lawful citizens are not allowed to protect themselves.
The blood is on their hands.

Anonymous said...

The insufferable heat always pushes some to the brink.

Anonymous said...

IT's government inspired to create hate for gun ownership.

Anonymous said...

I interested to know if these suspects were all x army..we know this guy was...what about the AZ? and theater shootings?? did you know that Mcvie and washington sniper and the police chief who investigated were all in the same army unit??..Did not Mcvie acuse the army of an implant?? uhm maybe triggered by elf waves maybe?? Funny how these things happen , why do they snap now? is it to further the NWO agenda? UN treaties unratified being signed , fed law re-enforcing the 2nd amendment and MD still fighing it? so obvious they are scared and will stop at this kind of propoganda to turn the vice just a little more

Anonymous said...

The only difference between these shootings and when someone takes you out will be the cheers of all of us celebrating your death. You better keep moving, that way you make a harder to hit target.