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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Man Who Claims he Was Assaulted for Being Gay May Have Actually Injured Himself

A man claiming to be the victim of an anti-gay assault outside a bar in Missoula, Mont., may have actually caused his own injuries. New video obtained by the police supposedly shows the 22-year-old trying to do a backflip from a street curb and landing on his face:

This is what local media outlets reported immediately following the alleged assault:

The beating of a gay man outside the Missoula Club, where he’d gone to celebrate his 22nd birthday, early Sunday morning has spurred renewed calls to add sexual orientation to bias crimes laws in Montana.


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Anonymous said...

AGAIN, children, being "Gay" is a choice. God did not make us to want to be gay, as He had to propogate the races and keep the generations going! This is a "Look at me!" thing. Did you see how the anti-gay pavement jumped up and smacked him in the face? How DARE it! Maybe we can convict the pavement with the help of the ACLU of "Gay Bashing"!