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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Billy Graham: 'Final Call' For America To Repent

Believing God will allow him to live to 95, famed evangelist Billy Graham is making his “final call to America to turn to God.”

Timed to coincide with his 95th birthday, Graham is calling people in the United States and Canada to repentance as part of the “My Hope with Billy Graham” evangelistic outreach set for the week of Nov. 7, 2013.

Unlike his famous stadium crusades over the past six decades, Graham is asking Christians to invite family, friends and neighbors to their homes to watch the “Living Room Crusade” on their televisions, tablets or smartphones as part of a massive grassroots effort to ignite a spiritual awakening in North America.



Anonymous said...

Mr. Graham, I would like to let you know how much you have enriched my life, and given me the bravery to not be shy about proclaiming what I believe in to others. You are nearing your time to go see your Best Friend, and when you get there, He will recycle you right back to us, and you will be born again. I am confident that your soul will continue on its Crusade in your new body among us, and we will not have to do without you for very long.

Anonymous said...

God has richly blessed you, and your family and as such you have deeply touched us all.

Anonymous said...

i pray for our nation to come back to true faith in Jesus; the living God.

Anonymous said...

weird, I was just thinking about him the other day.