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Friday, July 27, 2012

Time To Act

There is no progress without jobs.

That's why this morning, I called for a special session of the Maryland General Assembly to address the gaming issue.

By moving forward on expanded gaming, we have an opportunity to create thousands of new construction jobs and as many as 2,000 permanent jobs. What's more, by acting now, we have an opportunity to secure an additional $100 million in new revenue for Maryland's #1 in the nation public schools.

This issue has always been a very divisive one for our General Assembly. That's why I want us to resolve it now.

The compromise we're putting forward will create predictability in the marketplace, protect local and city aid being generated at current sites, ensure authorized facilities are able to be built and allow the people of Prince George's County to decide at the ballot whether they want a sixth site for the benefit of their county and revenue base.

Progress is a choice. Job creation is a choice. Maximizing the return on Maryland gaming for the benefit of Maryland families -- this, too, is a choice.

There's been plenty of talk and deliberation. Now, it's time to act.

Thank you,

Martin O'Malley


Anonymous said...

The "people of prince georges county" ? You got to be kidding me , 99% of the population of PG county has a 3rd grade education or less. They are not qualified to think much less make a decision.
They would have been sucessful under the rule of Ida Imin.

Anonymous said...

Well, Baltimore City gets 10% of the "benefit" from Ocean Downs. Why would PG County expect more or even as much?

Anonymous said...

What's next Martin prostitution?

Anonymous said...

12:49 He's already whored himself to Obama.

Anonymous said...

If his own party isn't with him on this one,beware.

Anonymous said...

But it for the Children!

Casinos are not making money! Why is Maryland paying overhead money like they did in OC earlier this year, to keep the doors open? Why is MD training people to do the work normally done by casino machine vendors? Gov answer, we skim our profit from the top first, over burden the tax payer with labor services as new state employees, and only pay the minimum customer winnings the last states. After that the loss goes to the tax payer, only in Gov!